Bob's Comedy Bunker

The finest combination Comedy Club and Windowless Storm Shelter in the Twin Cities....



Friday/ Saturday

october  11 / 12

SHOW times

Friday 8:30PM  

 Saturday 8:30PM


          k Jay                  the Comedian ...  Tommy thompson            

K Jay the Comedian

His skill set is versatile. He's a storyteller and traditional comedian, but with his own style. He observes life and gives it his own comical twist...     job interviews and friendly conversations with the police, his niece's wedding serving cereal at the wedding reception. Yeah, life can write a lot of material for you.

  He has worked comedy clubs, contests, and festivals nationwide... he truly is versatile!!

            Tommy Thompson takes the stage at             Bob's Comedy Bunker.

A Twin Cities favorite... Tommy Thompson is really hitting his stride bringing his unique view of his life and those around him.

Tommy is spending one night only, Saturday night, at Welsch's Big Ten Tavern, down in the "World Famous" Comedy Bunker.

  ...make your plans, call for reservations, 
check out the Deals on Meals!!

The shows are Friday & Saturday 0ctober 11 & 12
        Show Time   Friday 0ctober11 ... 8:30PM                                Seating begins at 8:00PM
Show Time   Saturday september 12 ... 8:30PM                  
               Seating begins at 8:00PM

                          Make your reservations                            for dinner upstairs at the Big Ten 
                       or have your pizza at your table,                        in the "Bunker", during the show!!

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